Where To Sell Stuff

Where To Sell Stuff Effectively?

Where To Sell Stuff

Where To Sell Stuff


Where to sell stuff is the same as, where should I advertise my unwanted items. I must say with experience that the absolute best classified ads website to place your classified ads online is:


There are other places you can use but this is without a doubt the best place to sell your unwanted stuff.

Where To Sell Stuff? is the biggest question that everyone has when they want to sell their car or other personal property. We used to be limited as to where we sell our stuff but now with the internet it has gotten easier to sell things.

Used to we only had our local newspaper classified ads for selling things. It worked too, but now we are able to reach out to a larger audience with our classified ads. We are also able to add pictures which really improves how quickly we can sell things.Why? Because when someone searches Craigslist for a certain item and they see how well kept or nice looking the item is they will definitely call you as opposed to someone who has the same thing that doesn’t look nice.

Where To Sell Stuff – Popular Selling Sites

1.  Craigslist.org

2.  Oodle.com

3.  Recycler.com

4.  Ebay.com

5.  Local Advertising Publications in Your Town (Found in Quick Stops or Grocery Stores in Magazine Racks)

6. Local Newspaper – Classified Ads

7.  At Work You Can Post Items On The Bulletin Board.

Where To Sell Stuff Online

Posting ads online is free with most of the well known classified ad sites. Online classifieds have not only improved how fast we can sell things but it has also caused most local newspapers to allow free classified ads for items that are priced under a certain amount. Just take a look at your local newspaper and see for yourself.

Where To Sell Stuff On eBay

I highly recommend eBay for selling electronics or collectibles that are easy to ship. If the items are small and lightweight then the shipping cost is very low. I have bought numerous cell phones on eBay and it saved me a lot of money. Knowing where to sell stuff on eBay is easy to find but it’s not always the best place to sell things.

When selling a car, motorcycle, or 4-wheeler I would recommend placing an ad on Craigslist in your area because it is free and it sells. I had a garden tiller for sale that I listed on craigslist for about 6 weeks and sold it today.  It may take a little while for the right person to find you but as long as you don’t overprice what you are selling then it should sell within a reasonable amount of time.

Sometimes Going the Extra Mile Will Make a Sale

The people who bought the garden tiller were about 2 hours away so I told them I would meet them in a town that saved them about an hour on their drive. It really wasn’t a problem for me because I was going there anyway. This one act of offering to meet them and save them 2 hours driving actually helped me make the sale.  So you might consider doing this when selling stuff. If buyers are making comments about it being too far away, just make a suggestion about meeting them somewhere that is more convenient.

Craigslist is where to sell stuff.

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